'Access Denied' in recovery console

Through several attempts over the last 18 months to use Recovery Console to repair windows I've been denied access without the admin password. To the best of my knowledge I never set one. Having said that, this OS (oem) came with a computer I bought several years ago. The hard drive also migrated from that computer. I don't really know whether any of this is relevant, but without access to the Recovery Console I wind up re-formatting & re-installing more often than I'd like.
Any thoughts on retrieving the password or a workaround?
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  1. if you dont setup password for you admin account then just use "administrator" as user name & in password leave its as blank " "...
    it will allow you .. if it wont allow without password
    then boot you computer in safe mode & use administrator & " " to login & set admin password as you wish , then restart the machine to continue in recovery console
  2. Thanks. I"ll give that a try.
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