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Hi there, i was hoping someone here might be able to help me with a problem.

I have just bought a new machine

Intel Core Duo 2.66GHz

2MB Ram GeIL 2GB (2x1GB) PC2-6400C4 800MHz Black Dragon DDR2 Dual Channel Kit (GB22GB6400C4DC)

ATI Radeon X1950 Pro

Gigabyte P35C-DS3R

Corsair HX 520W ATX2.2 Modular SLI Compliant PSU (CMPSU-520HXUK)

Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

To go with my machine a got myself a few new games to, this is where the problem lies.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 - Runs like a dream

Flight Simulator X - Appears to run fine

Bioshock - Always crashes at second load screen (although i do believe this is due to game bugs rather than my machine)

FarCry - Always crashes after about 5 min of uninterupted gameplay (always at different points)

Worlds In Conflict - Can play all the tutorials fine but will always crash about 5 min into game play (always at different points)

Half Life 2 - Crashes during video after selecting new game.

All of these crashes are my screen freezing and i can get no response from computer. Only option is to hit the reset button

Basicly does anyone know why all these games keep crashing on me. I got this pc so i could play games of this level without any problems.

I have posted this eleshwere and you can see what has been tried so far below.

I have also tried running memtest and windiag on individual sticks of memory but they will also freeze on test 4.

All help is much appreciated,

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  1. okay, first, please use the html 'url' option so your link works :)

    second, if i read right and the ram came together, they may both be faulty. try it in another machine or other ram in your machine, though i dont know why it would only affect these games :| do you have your page file disabled? that would cause it once your ram is full...
  2. In BIOS, increase the RAM voltage to MFG. specs, PC6400 is 2.0-2.1v.
  3. Ok please be patient with me as i am a bit new to all of this.
    As Badge said i have been trying to increase ram voltage.
    CPU-z stated 1.8V (the motherboard default), in bios i then selected +0.02, cpu-z stayed on 1.8 however easytune stated 2.0V. I then increased to 2.1 using Easytune with no improvement however cpu-z still stated 1.8V. Which of these should i trust as i dont think the bios gives me an exact reading just the option to increase.

    Kaeota everyting appears to work fine on pc apart from half the games i play (all first person), and trying memtests.
    How do i disable page file.

    Cheers for the help guys
  4. hehe, i am as bad at english as i seem (considering its my first language, i really suck at it). turning your page file off will cause your PC problems, though, in windows, you do it through 'right click on "my computer" go "properties" -> "Advanced" -> 'performance' "settings" ->"advanced" then "Virtual Memory" 'change' '... though i highly doubt you will have turned it off accidentally...

    STILL! please fix your link man, forums decrease the size of what shows, so it does NOT work unless you put 'URL'{insertlinkhere}'/URL' (replace the ' with [ and ] respectively) around the link.
  5. Faulty memory or undervolted memory is the likely cause of your system crashes. Especially if the crash occurs when you run software (games). Set the mem. voltage to 2.0 -2.1v in BIOS.
  6. Kaeto, cheers for that, understand now.

    Urm, i may be being very stupid but everytime i edit my post its says im not allowed after i hit submit.

    Badge whats the best way to determine what my voltage is currently at as easytune and cpu-z both give different readings
  7. Enter BIOS. Locate Memory Voltage. Set the voltage to 2.0v. That ahould solve your crashing problem. If you still experience system crashes when running software, increase the voltage to 2.1v. The 1.8v setting your are using in not Mfg. specs and is the likely cause of your problem.
  8. In my bios there is not a reading for the current voltage. I set the voltage to+0.4

    Easytune now reports 2.1V whereas cpu-z states 1.8V still. I assume i should be trusting easytune here.

    Also this didnt help at all. Half life 2 still froze after a minuter or so.
  9. So, you don't know what voltage you increased? Do not use easytune, use your system BIOS. Open you motherboard manula and under 'BIOS settings and configuration' find memory voltage. Set your memory voltage to 2.0-2.1 in BIOS, not Easy Tune. Also go on Corsair's website and find out what the default voltage for your RAM is.
  10. In my BIOS pc health status i have the current voltage section which states
    DDR Voltage [Ok]

    Under MB Intelligent Tweaker i have DDR2/DDR3 Overvoltage Control which i have set to +0.4.

    Nohting that actually tells me the current voltage.

    Default voltage for my ram is 1.9 - 2.1. can go to 2.4 though apparently
  11. Don't go to 2.4v you can damage your RAM. Try 2.1v, but set the voltage in BIOS, not east tune. Obviously the default of 1.8v is undervolting your RAM according to Mfg. specs. I'm sure this is your problem, or a least one of your system crashing problems.
  12. Yeah i have set to 2.1 however tried half life to but it still froze. Seemed to freeze even earlier if anything
  13. I would run Memtest. You can make a bootable CD here. You may have a faulty DIMM.
  14. I have already tried this. I ran memtest and also tried Windiag on individual sticks but they always freeze around test 4
  15. Your RAM should not freeeze or show errors. It is likely defective. Try using one DIMM and run your game with the one DIMM only. If the system freezes, try the other DIMM as a single. Leave the memory voltage at mfg. specs, 2.1v.
  16. Ok ill try that in a bit. cheers

    Someone else also mentioned that the games and memtest freezing could be down to the psu.
    They said that they thought maybe my psu wasn't powerfull enough.

    My psu is

    Corsair HX 520W ATX2.2 Modular SLI Compliant PSU (CMPSU-520HXUK)
  17. If yiur system runs until you attempt to run software (games, etc.) but freezes when you attempt to run any software (install software , run games, etc.) your system crash scenario is very likely caused by faulty RAM.
  18. The PSU is a possibility. I have had my system freeze during gm play and a lot of lines and patterns and colors appear on the screen. I thought for sure one of cards i SLI was cooked. Both cards checked out good individually. I swapped out the PSU and it fixed the freeze up proble. So yes, a faulty PSU could certainly be the cause.
  19. Well i dont think its faulty seems to run fine without any issues until it gets to those games.

    Was originally told that 520W would be enough to run everything.

    Will try running on 1gb of ram now
  20. Ok, tried running on the individual sticks of ram but made no difference.
  21. Have you updated your BIOS to the latest revision? The only thing you can do at this point is start swapping out hardware. If you have another video card try it. Same with the PSU.
  22. If your RAM is freezing or showing errors during testing, this very likely causing your system freezing problem.
  23. Yeah problem is i dont have any other h/w to try. Am gonna give them a call tomorrow but hoping i can send my psu back and pay the extra for an upgrade to 620W as everything is only 3 weeks old. This is my next port of call.
    Is it possible that there can be probs with the video card? If there was, would it still work fine on other games such as Pro Evo 2008 and Flight Simulator X
  24. Take notice if the system crashes during any and all games at some point. Again, if you system crashes during the loading of software, the cause is often faulty RAM. Then again, your problem seems to occur 'sporadically' during different applications. So, it could be caused by something other than RAM. You PSU has good enough power on the 12v. Did you build the system or buy it pre built?
  25. When you say it freezes up what is on screen at time of freeze/crash? Try this, take the side panel off you case to give it fresh air. What case do you own? I had a problem like yours but only after 1 hour of gaming, heat build up in my case was the cause of the crash.
  26. Built the system myself. Is the first one i have ever done form scratch

    For half life it just freezes on the game into screen after selecting new game.

    Farcry freezes about 5 min into gameplay.

    Worlds of Conflict frezzes about 5 min into gameplay.

    All of these just simply freeze, the image stays perfectly on the screen and all i can do is hit reset.

    This is my case.
  27. Your RAM is the likely cause of the system freeze ups, but it could certailnly be some other problem.
  28. Are you using the latest Catalyst driver for your 1950? Get it here:
  29. Guys,
    Don't forget, there may be nothing wrong with the poor OP's hardware - this could be OS/software problem.
    Badge he is saying that he has set +0.4 which means 2.2v (generous!)
    Also, CPU-Z is reporting 1.8v on the SPD screen! Which is what the module's rated for, not what you are running.
    Now if you're like most people, jibber4568, you have messengers (Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL, et cetera, ad infinitum) and players (Real, QT, Nero, DivX, etc) not to mention ridiculous overkill software security suites ie. Norton, including all kinds of active scanning and automatic crap running... not to mention auto updates, MS Office, whatever. What's in your Startup folder?
    Even if you're not like most people, your problems are at least as likely to be in BIOS seup as in bad hardware, so don't worry.
    Give your Windows a good tuneup now, starting with the NTFS disk-check thing that warns you that you must reboot. (You should run at least 1/month.) Cleanup and defrag, then try this: Go to Microsoft downloads and get the DirectX tool dxwebsetup.exe - a small file that will probably find ~22-25MB of DirectX updates for you.
    Make sure of course you have installed latest Chipset drivers! You would be shocked how many people don't know anything about that... heheh, >shaking head< But very important the newer your rig is.
    Also latest vidcard drivers, and BIOS setup for stability.
    Hey, you might have a bad stick too, LoL :ouch: hopefully not though.
    I realise this is Hardware forum but we must be methodical, and we cannot assume your Windows is running properly jibber4568,
  30. I installed VISTA Ultimate 64 on the system in my sig recently. One the the first things I did was set my memory voltage to specs. Allowed me to install 4 gig without incident. I had little if any problems installing VISTA 64 and get everything running correctly. I wuvs my VISTA 64 system!
  31. Yep have reloaded catalyst drivers a number of times.

    the_ogs, cheers for that, will give some of it a go.

    Heres my startup list if it helps at all. Did spend a little time choping and chaging all of these although i didnt do everything.

  32. Like Systemlord said, take a look at your temps. Did you use the stock 775 cooler? Be sure it is mounted correctly, those are notorious for faulty seating. Try downloading speedfan and check your CPU temp.
  33. Pretty sure all my temps are ok. Used the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro instead of stock 775

    These are my temps if it helps at all

  34. Have you loaded the chipset driver from the MB CD? Or did you justload the VISTA CD only? You should get the latest system drivers (chipset, etc. ) from the Gigabyte website.
  35. I originally just loaded the vista cd,however i loaded the chipset drivers from cd a few days ok. Would you say its still worthwhile going to the gigabyte website and doing it all again. Spose it won't hurt.

    Sorry about all these spelling errors i am using an extremely retarded keybpard at the moment
  36. I would load the latest chipset driver, etc.
  37. latest chipset driver is from a couple of moths before i got mine so should think mies up to date.

    There is a later bios there but says its just to fix things such as ps2 i/o. Would this w#be worth upgrading or would it really not make much of a difference.
  38. If your not familiar wth updating the BIOS, you probably shouldn't. Well, we haven't determined if it's hardware or software. I would recomend getting with your friend or people you know and swap out the RAM, then the video card. If you are getting errors/lock ups running RAM stress test, the likliehood of the RAM causing you system lockups is pretty high. I replaced a DIMM (actually removed a DIMM) and had an otherwise computer lock up box turn into a game playing wonder! I still believe your RAM is causing the problem. let us know what you find out and good luck getting your machine running tip top. PSU, CPU cooling are suspect too. Besides a software problem.
  39. badge said:
    I would load the latest chipset driver, etc.

    Yes. And BIOS setup too.
    Ack! Vista Home - good luck (but I know I'll need to get into it sooner or later myself, heheh).
    Looks like lots of stuff running whilst you're trying to run these games...
    Vista guys must be getting new drivers pretty well daily now, or what? LoL It's a busy time, very new hardware.
  40. Cool, cheers for all your help guys. Gonna spend a couple of days going through a few things. Gonna hopfully swap out all the h/w tomorrow and then try format and Ubuntu installation if that doesn't work. Fingers crossed ill get there in the end, cheers again and ill let you know how things go.
  41. On that program, what does Temp1 refer to? Mine is a horrendously high 65C and I'd like to know what piece of hardware is creating such high amounts of heat...
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