hi im new, and i come bearing good news.

it has arrived.
at least... one of them has...
and i cant lie... i already clicked buy.
prolly gonna wish i hadnt xD
coming from a 7900gtx though... and only gonna be gaming on xp for at least another 6 mo....(got this to get a little better performance in crysis =)

anyway... without further adieu
my first official contribution of happiness to this board.
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  1. Very nice find.
  2. thanks!
    hope everyone enjoys!
    i know i will
  3. Me likes!

    I'm hoping there will be a few other companies by the end of the week.
  4. and im hoping that this
    will hit retail shelves by the end of the week, (its avilable for preoder on some sites) ,
    as it is my wish to have it on the card before install.
  5. Is that as good as it looks in cooling?
  6. Nice find!
  7. http://www.xtremecomputing.co.uk/review.php?id=380&page=1

    reviewed being used on an 8800gtx.
    awesome cooler.
  8. two nice finds tweaky. thanks!
  9. My God, that is the "solution" I was looking for before I caved and got the 8800GTS 640MB in mid-August.

    Oh well, got a few months of gaming out of it extra, but the GT looks sweet.

    That is a perfect card for Crysis, just the right price.
  10. I hope that price is a bit high since they are juming the gun by a day. I wonder how many people will order that for $279 today instead of $249 (I hope) tomorrow.
  11. The full specs would of been nice.
  12. I just got my duorb cooler on Friday and put it on my 8800gtx the next day...is lovely and gives me 15-20C drops all round.

    Looks killer too
  13. How much is it Lazarus?
  14. Kewl stuff, that cooler looks nice.
  15. -UPDATE-
    zipzoomfly has sold out of the card already.
    and they had it set at a 20 per customer limit, lol wonder how many will end up on eBAY?
  16. nightscope said:
    How much is it Lazarus?

    card retails for 60-65 aud
    which converts to roughly 55-60 usd
    hope that helps.
    if you arent austrailian, however, i would just wait untill a retailer on your continent has them available, as i was pricing around today and shiping was about 18usd on avg. and that was not the fast shipping either , so......
    im gonna try and wait it out
  17. Yeah I got it for $66AUD and about $8 postage. I had been checking daily and for about a day Mwave had it in stock, its gone back to pre-order status now with 11 November as the expected date. Must have got lucky with getting one from the first lot in.
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