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I will be building a new rig within the next few weeks and would be interested in hearing others' thoughts on purchasing a separate high-speed HD (such as a 10k RPM Raptor or one of the 15k Fujitsu drives) to run applications from. I will be re-using my two 500GB hard drives for storage, but am unsure whether it is worth it to purchase a separate hard drive. Is the performance increase worth the expense? Is it inconvenient having your things stored on many different drives?

Also, if you support this idea of using a separate high-speed drive, which model do you recommend for a reasonable price? Thanks!
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  1. the largest 10K drive they make is 150gb
    use a small one like 36gb or 64gb or 72gb for the OS.
  2. A high speed drive for the operating system is nice like SABOT00 suggests, if your just planing on putting aplications on the drive other then the operating system it could help if they are very large programs. But just remember if your applications are on a seperate drive from the operating system you are still going to have operational links to the drive the operating system is on.

    As for storage seperate drives for like music and photos or data files is really a good idea. If something were to happen to your operating system and you had to do a reinstallation any data stored on the extra drives wouldn't be affected.

    On my system I do a lot of video editing, I store these video files on a seperate drive. The program used for editing is on the same drive the operating system is on. Same with my music files, I have them stored on a different drive.

    But if you were to put a game on a different drive and your operating system needed to be reinstalled, you would loose all links to starting the game or any program you placed on the different drive. You would have to go back and create new shortcuts to these programs or games. Nothing really hard to do.
  3. If I get a separate 10k rpm hard drive, I will probably get a 72 or 150GB one so I can install all my applications and games on it in addition to my OS. My main question is regarding how significant the performance increase will be. As far as I know, the main benefits come in decreasing boot times as well as loading times for applications. Is anything else sped up? Is the improvement large enough to justify the $130-170 for the drive when I already have two 500GB 7200 rpm drives in my system?

    I see what you are saying from a security standpoint in case your main drive fails. But I keep all my multimedia and documents cloned on a second drive, so this shouldn't be a problem.
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