Admin and all users folders missing


My Admin and Alll Users Contents are gone. How do I get them back, as I can not see Admin re Admin accounts or Local and Group users headings, anymore.

I have done so much research, and tried different avenues, without success.

If someone could help, I would be so grateful....
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  1. try to do system restore or perform system repair with XP disk..

    how do it happens,, have you deleted them..

    why thel hell you are asking same question 3 times ,wasting others time & thread space,, if some one have solution or any idea they will reply you
  2. My apology; I thought that my question had not been posted, as I had not received an e-mail confirmation, at first. I do not wish to waste anyone's time.

    They were, inadvertently, deleted. I am recently widowed and work from home. I am comcerned that my system could be compromised. I tried a system restore, but it would not take me back to an earlier restore point; I do not have an XP disk...
  3. try to get Xp disk, that,s the only option you have now.. if you have valid license its not bad to download it from web,,
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