My Rator 150g scores a 5.2 on VISTA user experience index. Is that nor

I have a WD Raptor 150g as my system drive. It is partitioned as 2 disks. One for Xp and one for Vista 64bit.
I ran the Windows User experience index and everything in my system scored high for everything except for the system disk which scored a 5.2. Not that im wining that much but I am just wondering if thats normal. Shouldn't the Raptor be scoring near as high as the other components? I thought it was the fastest disk you could get. If not, what disk is scoring the 5.9. And how high do the scores go now a days anyway... Here are my specs.

MB = GA-X38-DQ6
CPU = Intel Q6600 = 5.9
Memory = 8GB Muskin = 5.6
GPU = Geforce 8800 GT = 5.9
Primary disk = Raptor 150g = 5.2
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  1. Don't even bother with the Vista ratings. It's just marketing BS imo. Your PC is good. If running Vista x64 set the page file to 3-4GB since you have 8GB RAM.
  2. That shouldn't be right, I have an old 160GB 7200rpm drive with vista and it

    gets a 5.3 experiance rating. They only thing I can thing of is try clicking the

    update score under the base score rating.
  3. That does not seem right at all, I have a 500gb western digital drive that has a 5.8 score.

    I thought I had seen a post somewhere saying they got a 5.9 with a 15k sas cheetah, but could not find it when I searched, although if my 500 can score a 5.8 the raptor or cheetah should both be 5.9s.
  4. it maybe has something to do with the fact that it's dual partitionned...
  5. yeah, my 74gb raptor gets a 5.9. So somthing is up.

    EDIT: And my Raptor has three partitions on it, although only one has an operating system.
  6. I have a Mirrored 250GB 32MB of Cache 7200 Seagate and I get a 5.9.
  7. Wait a second, 8 GB of memory only gives you 5.6? That seems off too, someone with a DDR2 will have to give opinion too, but I have 2gb of ddr1 and have a 4.9 rating. I am starting to take the the meaning of the rating as a grain of salt
  8. Well Im not sure what to do.

    Vista 64 is running off my 2nd partition drive and XP 32bit is on the first partition.

    My Ram Trimmings may be off. Ill try to tighten them up - altho i dont know much about this kind of thing.
  9. Look at my sig. I am getting 5.9 across the board. So I would say it is because the drive is partitioned which seems to slow the drive down a bit.
  10. My 8gigs of Mushkin gives me a 5.9 and the old Seagate SATAII drive is a 5.9, my old 1900XTX is a 5.8. Also I don't run a page file.

    EDIT forgot to add the old 6400+ X2 is a 5.7
  11. no it's abnormal
  12. I don't think it's that abnormal, I get the same thing with my old 36GB Raptor. Windows describe the HD index as "Disk data transfer rate" and as I remember, it has never been the Raptor's stong point; in recent years, many drives have beaten the Raptor, on that aspect.

    If you use the Raptor only for OS, I'm pretty sure you will get better performance than other people with 5.9 scores but worst read latency.

    Depending on what you do "speed" can have totally different meanings.
  13. I have the Raptor 150 x with Vista 32 bit and the score is 5.9. My drive is not partitioned, maybe that is the issue.
  14. HAZEE22 said:
    I have the Raptor 150 x with Vista 32 bit and the score is 5.9. My drive is not partitioned, maybe that is the issue.
    Got a point there, my 36GB is also partitioned in 2 for XP and Vista x64 (even tho I never actually installed XP).
  15. no.. most ppl dont know how the windows experince index works.
    There are certian lock in attributes for each part.
    for ex: if you dont have lets say 60gb for HDD space then the max you could get is 3.9 and so on(this isn't scritly correct).
    the 150gb is probably rated in gigabytes (1,000,000,000 bytes)
    but windows vista by default rates HDDs in gibibytes (1,073,741,824 bytes)
    so 150gb = 139.69838619232177734375 GiB
    is you partitioned it in half and we say its 139 GiB then each partition would be 69 GiB
    8GiB is reserved for the virtual RAM.
    now your down to 61 GiB.

    PS also for RAM latency and speed is also rated.
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