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I work from home using my personal pc, and my employer has started requiring us to use citrix access gateway endpoint analysis to log into citrix. My current security software is not on the list of "approved antivirus programs" to be able to log into citrix. I am currently using kaspersky internet security 2012, is there a way to trick the citrix access gateway endpoint analysis into thinking I have one of the approved antivirus programs installed? I have been using kaspersky for several years and have never gotten any type of virus, and really do not want to use any other antivirus program. The programs that are approved for us to use are avast, avg, microsoft security essentials, norton, and mcafee. I have used norton and mcafee in the past and know how much of a system hog they are. Plus if I have to switch, I will just be throwing $70 out the window that I paid for kaspersky. Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. The endpoint analysis software downloads session policies defined on the Netscaler that can perform various types of scans on your computer. Depending on how the administrator sets up the policies he can scan for the name of a service or application that must be running, a registry key that must be present, the version of a specific file, or even a combination of these. You would have to know what was being checked for in order to circumvent the system.
  2. It would be pretty irresponsible of anyone here to help you circumvent security precautions put in place by your emplorer, wouldn't it. Just install MSE - it's free so you haven't lost anything and it's very good.
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