EP-9NPA+SLI Multiple Problems

Hello Everyone,

First time posting on the forums. Usually I could find what I want and go on my way.

Anyways... The first problem I saw was that my VCC DDR LED will light up every time I power up the mb after a shutdown, regardless of how many stick of ram I have in the slot. To bypass this, I switch the the power supply off and wait for the LED to turn off then I just turn the power supply back on and power up the mb. Using this solution it goes straight into XP no problem.

The second and major problem is that everytime I go into XP my mouse will, most of the time, not work at all. My mouse is a Logitech LX7. When it does work, I will praise the built for it. Then I will notice when I plug the ethernet cable in, the mouse stops working. Unplugging the cable and the mouse works again. Later shutting it down and repowering the mb back up the mouse will not work at all with and without the cable plugged. At first I thougt the USB is at fault, but I plugged in a SanDisk Flash Drive and a WD external HD and those work regardless of the ethernet cable in or not.

I already tried flashing the bios to the latest and greatest, I installed the setpoint on the Logitech website, reinstalled XP multiple times, switched between a SATA and IDE hard Drive, tried different mice (on my laptop all of the mice works), and I even took everything out from the case and went with a cardboard piece. So far, nothing works.

Any kind of advice is appreciated. Heck... I'll even accept going hulk mode on it! :pt1cable:



My build:
Athlon64 3200
2 X Kingston 400 512mb
Rosewill 450W
XFX 7900 GS
WD1600 Caviar SE
Windows XP SP2
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  1. I would look for device conflicts in the windows device manager, located in the control panel. If you find any with an exclamation mark next to them, try uninstalling the device, and rebooting to let windows reinstall it. Have you tried a fresh windows install (after a format)?
  2. Thanks for the reply, but so far the mouse is still not getting detected.

    When I went into the device manager everything seem ok. I did not see any exclamations anywhere. Everytime I reinstall the windows I go with a full format as well.
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