raid 1 drive failed...

I am a noob to raid bare with me :) I set up a raid one with 2 drives for my O/S. one of those drives has now failed.
I have dell poweredge 2650 with a perc controller. When i boot it says container status critical, hard drive zero has failed. something to that effect. When i go to the container in the raid setup it shows one of my drives in the raid 0 is missing.

Naturally everything boots since only one drive failed.
To rebuild this I just need to get another drive the same size and replace it corrrect ?. Will it rebuild the mirror automatically or is there something more i need to do?
Do i have to wait for the mirror to rebuld before i can boot the os, or will it rebuild while I have the O/S running??

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  1. why did it fail? you might be able to RMA or refund it if you bought it.
    Yeah get a new drive and set em up in raid 1 again.
  2. With the Dell PERC controllers, you can hot-swap the drive with an identical one at any time. The RAID controller will rebuild the array automatically. There are no restrictions on when you can swap. You can pull the bad drive while the server is up and running, replace it, it will rebuild, and the server will never be down.
  3. thanks for the replies sweet no down time just what i needed.
    Sab it was an older drive so i am sure rma is out
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