Compaq Persario 725us Harddisk install ???


1st post here. I searched the hard disk forum and couldn't find what I needed.

I replaced the hard disk in my presario 725us and tried to reload XP Pro and it says there is no hard disk on the computer. I replaced the original hard disk with a Travelstar 30gn I had laying around. Is it possible the drive is not compatable? It is the same 20gb and 4200 rpm as the original drive. Do I need to do anything special in the bios to get the computer to recognize the drive? This is my first hard drive replacement so any infomation will help.

Thanks, Moose
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  1. hard to help ya but looking in the BIOS wont hurt
    and by reload XP pro you mean reinstall??!! did you by a new XP pro disk??!! because the recovery disk wont install on a different HDD.
  2. Thanks for replying SABOTOO,

    I installed the drive in the computer and then tried to install XP Pro from a cd. It went through the first couple sceens and before it got to the screen to partition the drive it said OS unable to install no harddisk. I do not have the original boot disks.

  3. All you have to do it go into the BIOS ---> System Configuration and disable SATA Native Support. Once you do that, you can install XP with no issues.
  4. thanks runs95,

    It got me to the patition area now it will not set up a partion for xp. It says disk does not contain a XP-compatible partion and when I try to create one it does nothing. Whats the next trick?

  5. Download this, burn it to CD, and boot from said CD
  6. That didn't boot to anything I downloaded it to a cd put it in the drive and started the machine and it said No OS installed.

    Let us start from the beginning. To get into the Bios setup utility I press F10 at startup once there I have 3 options Main, Boot, Exit. I am assuming you want the Parrallel Port changed to disable as there is nothing that says
    System Configuration or SATA Native Support. Let me know if I'm doing something wrong please.
  7. That's how I got my V6000T to accept XP. There has to be a setting in the BIOS that deals with SATA.
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