Question on logging out from one user to another (resources)

Have Windows Vista 32 bit oem and 4 gb ram.
My computer is a 4 year old HP Pavilion a6000n.
I have set up 2 accounts for the computer. One is for regular stuff, some games, surfing the web etc and I have items in the taskbar taking up some resources.
The other account is for music and I play around with FL Studio/Sonar purely as a hobby. These programs can be cpu intensive when loading up a number of virtual instruments.
My question is:
When I logout of my regular account, is it the same as switching off the computer for that account? Do I lose all the resource hungry items etc so I have more for music?
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    Switching users without logging them out will retain most all the resorce used during then since it fuctions similar to that of standby of a computer.
    So actually logging them out before changing is a bettert sollution if your experiencing slowdowns.
  2. Thanks, I'll make sure I do that.
  3. welcome ^.^
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