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Ddos attack

I know a guy who is very mean SOB bad seed of society he Ddos attacked many websites, servers, services and caused lot of pain in ass lately. Runs some IT business,
please help me as now he is pissed of at me and planning to DDOS attack me.
Can I DDOS him back or is there any service who can disable his Internet ?
Where I can find DDOS pro people?
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  1. Umm... It's not like DDoS attack will damage your computer or anything. Just block that incoming connection with your firewall and it will have no effects.
  2. I want to know tools for doing DDOS
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    Kpssandhu said:
    I want to know tools for doing DDOS

    Now you've crossed over the line. No one here is going to assist you in doing something illegal.
  4. I am sorry, But i have been using internet from outside my home because there is one douche bag throwing ddos attack and my home internet is not working. SO i want to know how to prevent this thing happening in future.
    more over my isp provider is charging me $300 because there hardware fried because of this ddos also i am going change new isp provider which is costly.
  5. "ISP provider is charging $300"? What? If it wasn't you physically damaging the hardware (like hitting it with a baseball bat), they have no right to ask you to pay for it. It is their responsibility it works properly.

    For some reason I think it's not DDoS attacks that makes your internet go bad. Aren't you behind a firewall?
  6. Dude you have no idea then what DDOS can do!
  7. Kpssandhu said:
    Dude you have no idea then what DDOS can do!

    im sure sunius knows exactly what it can do, DDOS attacks in large sometimes could take out a network device if it is degrading, but so could any electrical surge, most cases that would not happen and if it did would just usually kill a port not a whole switch or router

    as well an ISP should not be holding you responsible for their hardware failing due to any type of traffic coming through.

    if you can get the ip that is causing the DDOS just block it manually in your router or report the IP to your ISP.

    you can also off load your website and server to a hosted server elsewhere, where they have security measure against DDOS and more bandwidth to resist them.
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