P5K SE Integrated devices issues

Hey - Basically, I've reinstalled Windows XP, and want my Integrated Realtek sound in my P5K SE to work properly... It was running fine on a previous install of windows, but won't work now.

The problems are as follows:

I installed windows, video drivers, and motherboard chipset drivers. I then took the latest Realtek audio drivers off the Asus website, and installed. All went fine - or so I thought. Now, basically, even though windows installed my drivers for me, and recognized that the integrated sound was there, it refuses to recognize it as a sound device, in say, volume control - or any other wave sound app.

Oddly, I was able to make the card make sounds through the speakers, using the Realtek utility (with the options for 3d sound, speaker ports etc on it..) So, I then uninstalled the drivers again, and rebooted. this is where the real problem started. Upon startup, windows recognized the sound device again, and prompted me to install drives. I did so, and again, it all went through with no troubles. Or so I thought...

Again, the sound was non functional, and oddly, it seems that although the device is seen in device manager, windows refuses to use it. Furthermore, After an attempt at uninstalling the drivers again, it seems to have failed, leaving windows thinking that the device is still installed, but the drivers not actually present - and is unable to uninstall (Error Code 39: The driver may be corrupted or missing.)

So basically, I'm stuck with no sound until i can remove this driver, and reinstall it, and actually making windows recognize it as a valid sound device. I have two main questions. Is there any way in which i can go about to remove the Driver in it's present state? I have tried msconfig and starting in diagnostic mode (devices aren't shown in dev manager) And starting in safe mode (the same error appears when i try and uninstall the device - Code 39)

I had a similar problem on my previous install of windows, and I THOUGHT I remembered solving the issue with windows not seeing it as a valid sound device by totally starting again (clean format - again) and then applying the sound drivers only AFTER i had installed all the other drivers, specifically the chipset drivers.

Any help solving this would be greatly appreciated, and sorry about any major grammatical/spelling errors, I've had about 4 hours sleep in the past 2 days, and have been studying all day :/

Thanks again
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  1. You could try reinstalling the driver and then uninstalling it. You could also try doing a Windows Repair off the CD, been quite a while but I think this may wipe out all the drivers. Generally you need to install the chipset drivers before any of the others. Also, it's never a good idea to install driver updates that Windows Updates finds, best to get them either from the mobo mfg or hardware mfg
  2. Dont know if this relates or is of any help but I have just made a system with an ASUS P5KC mobo and had bad problems with the audio. Turned out to be a problem with the graphic card Ati 3850. In the device manager under "sound" etc it was showing an ATI audio device as well as the "realtek" mobo audio device. I just disabled the ATI audio device and now it works fine. I'm no expert and dont know what an audio device is doing on a graphics card ( perhaps something to do with HDMI copy right protection etc) but disabling it worked for me.
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