2x Raptor 150GB RAID0 vs 1x VelociRaptor 300GB?

In the past few weeks, I've done pretty extensive research on every component on my new build, but my current hard disks are really dated so I'm really trying to pay extra attention to that. Space has never really been a concern for me - I've got more than enough space now, and I'm running two old PATA drives, 80GB a piece, that I bought around 2001.

My problem is, I've never really used RAID. I know there's lots of debate, and I don't want to start a RAID0 war; I'm just wondering if the performance gains of RAID0 outweigh the strong benefits of going from a relatively-dated Raptor to a VelociRaptor.

I'm not yet completely sure what the VelociRaptor is going to retail at, but I've read that it'll be at about $1/GB, so $300; two Raptors are putting me at $340. I know there's also the data loss risk in RAID0, but in ten years I've never had a hard drive fail on me and I plan on treating them well enough to last at least half a decade now.

Anyone have some advice for me? Basically, which will end up running faster for everyday use?
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  1. The performance gains from RAID0 in day to day computing are pretty slim. What you will see improve is your Windows boot time, as well as the time it takes to load large files (i.e. level loads in games, videos for editing, etc.) Everyone wants to throw the added danger of data loss out there everytime a RAID0 discussion comes up, but you said it best, when was the last time you had a hard drive fail? Not that it cant happen, but its not nearly as risky as everyone wants to make it seem.

    If I were you, I would either get the new Velocoraptor or raid up a pair of standard AAKS WD drives with the perpendicular recording. The old Raptors just arnt worth the $$ these days.
  2. That a very easy choice, go with the VelociRaptor, they are at least 35% faster that the 150 Gb Raptor X even in Raid. In fact the VelociRaptor is faster than most but not all of the SSD out there and you get more storage, and also run cooler that the other raptors, also not as loud. I already pre-paid for 4 of them,and should have them by the 15th if they are released on time.
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