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I have a contact file;might have downloaded from my phone long back;however the file does not have the extension;therefore i am not able to open it wil any s/w;how to find the extension OR file type ;so that i can open the file and see the contact numbers
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  1. how do you download the contacts from phone, what software you used to do it..
    install the same one & try it..

    for finding file estension use this method.. it will show it if they have any extension
  2. You could try dragging the file into a notepad window. A common type of contact file extension is .vcf and that is more or less a text file that notepad can open. You'll be able to read the contact number from there and can manually enter them. If you have several files, finding the proper program would be a better option but for a single contact, this should work well.
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