upping the multiplier to fsb?

I have the QX9650. From what i have read, upping the multiplier instead of the fsb will result in lower cpu temps. But all the overccloking reviews I have read on this processor have upped the fsb instead of the multiplier. Have I read something wrong into this? Thanks gents.
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  1. Why dont you try either way and see what happens
  2. Heat is heat.

    You will have less heat on the Northbridge. CPU Freq is CPU Freq.

    It's something like:

    Wattage = Voltage^2 * Frequency * Capacitance

    So... In theory FSB/Mult has no effect if the same frequency is attained. But the area around the CPU will be warmer from a higher FSB because of heat generated from the Northbridge.

    That said.. Higher FSB = More Performance.
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