P5W DH Deluxe BIOS 2302 disables onboard sound after every reboot

I've recently flashed the BIOS on this board to version 2302 using AFUDOS. After this the BIOS resets the onboard sound after every reboot. If you enable it in the BIOS it works again fine until next time you switch off or reboot. Anyone have similar problem?
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  1. Try clearing the CMOS. Instructions should be in the mobo manual. If this doesn't work, could either reflash with the same BIOS or flash the previous version
  2. Thanks g-paw. I've gone back to ver 2004 for now which seems to be without any problems.

    I was hoping to be able to upgrade to this CPU after the flash to 2302:Core 2 Quad Q6600(2.40GHz,1066FSB,L2:2X4MB,rev.G0,4 cores)

    Now it seems that i will only be able to go for this one:Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.40GHz,1066FSB,L2:2X4MB,rev.B3,4 cores).

    Any significant difference between the 2 revisions?
  3. Sorry, can't answer the question but someone else probably can. Generally if you look long and hard on the Intel site, they will tell you the differences. I wouldn't give up on updating the BIOS and/or sound drivers. Mobo companies seem to be pretty good about correcting problems. If you haven't done so, check the ASUS forum to see if others are having the same problem. If not, may be that the download somehow was corrupted and you could try the flash again
  4. Thanks g-paw.It seems that others are also having problems with the latest BIOS release on this board.ASUS has not yet fixed this.I will have a look on Intel's site to see if I can figure out the difference between the 2 CPU's.Probable difference could be power consumption.
  5. I'd check back with ASUS in a couple of weeks. Unless there is a new feature on the BIOS or you're having a problem, you may not want to bother updating. Be curious what Intel has to say about the difference if any
  6. haha.... wasn't there a bios update that kept on enabling the onboard audio too....

    I seem to remember getting that once too....
  7. Okay these are the differences I've found on the Intel site regarding the G0 and B3 Q6600:

    Thermal Design Power:95W
    Thermal Specification:71°C

    Thermal Design Power:105W
    Thermal Specification:62.2°C

    Would that imply that the G0 would be a better overclocker than the B3?
  8. Under the right circumstances yes....but in general as long as you can keep it cool, a B3 is still a good cpu(3.2-3.6 with good cooling)
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