Online Gaming Rig, Feedback PLZ

Hi everyone, i need some critique on this rig that i've speced out. At the momment i plan on ordering it after the new year, hoping the prices will drop.

i plan on ocing the processor to around 3.0ghz.

thanks you for your time.

also i was looking at the newer quad that is appose to be coming out
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  1. It's beautiful.

    I'd get 2x2GB RAM instead of 4x1GB, just to make upgrades to 8 GB possible for later.

    I'd get MSI or BFG or XFX 8800 GTX (at the same $500 or less) instead of FoxConn.

    I'd get a Scythe Ninja for $35 instead of the Arctic.
    Or, if you want the absolute best air cooler, get the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme and a SFF21F fan.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with your choices, so feel free to ignore any of this :)
  2. Sweet thanks for the feedback

    i`ve swapped the foxconn gtx w/ the BFG gtx.
    (that was one weak point that i wasnt too sure about, ty)

    is there any big differences between the scythe ninja and arctic?
  3. The Arctic is pretty good, and excellent value for the money. Unfortunately I don't have any numbers for it right now.

    Here are some numbers for the more recent coolers:

    The Ninja comes very close to the leader (the Ultra 120 Extreme) but much cheaper. I know it's quiet because that's what I got myself. If you're not going to overclock much the Arctic will be fine too, or even the stock cooler. The part I like about the Arctic is that it's easier to install than most coolers.
  4. hmm well i'll take your word for it, after all this is my first build, so ya heh =)

    swaped the artic w/ the ninja

    thanks Aevm
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