amd X2 3800+ with a 8800GT?

i have an AMD X2 3800+ s939, and a 7800gtx. i was planning to upgrade my GPU with the 8800GTX, but now that we have the GT being twice as cheap and only slightly lower performance there is no doubt that i will be going for that. one question i have though, is how much can the GT pull my CPU?

in this article the setup uses the 3800+ paired up with the GTX and the GPU is pulling the slow CPU very far. can someone give me an experienced estimation if this is the kind of fps comparison trend to be expected if my CPU was paired up with the GT instead of the GTX?
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  1. Bottlenecking is overexaggerated by most people.

    A simple trick: Buy the game you want to play, get the GT, install it in you "aging" PC, if it doesn't give you good performance and make you smile, well, go buy a new PC then.

    I guarantee you won't bother, IMO.

    You will probably be using the same "aging" platform with only videocard upgrade for quite a while yet. Crysis set the bar high for other companies to catch up to, so if the GT satisfies you now, save your cash.

    I have a 8800GTS 640, a slower card, in an Opteron 165 DC OC'd to 2.25 Ghz, 2 GB RAM on XP and I am having a blast, especially with the Very High Texture hack that is VERY popular on the net now, barely pulls my FPS down at all.

    Good luck!!!
  2. thanks for the quick reply.

    what is a "Very High Texture" hack you are talking about?
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