What am I doing Wrong?

Well, I just took off my bolt-modded Scythe Infinity, cleaned off the heatsink on it, and the heatspreader on my Core 2 Duo with Arcticlean, and reapplied using the correct way according to Arctic Silver's website (line down the middle). 3 hours later, including installing the heatsink facing the wrong way, and having to take it back off, I finally finished. I did everything the site told me to do. So, ok, I was like, "Cool, maybe this will solve my high temperature problem." Wrong. Temps are still at 40-45C idle at C1E state (6x300), and 60-63C load at C0E state (10x300). I have a Core 2 Duo e4400 overclocked to 3.0ghz at 1.4v (1.34 when under load). I keep C1E enabled because of the temps.

Now, my main question is, am I overreacting, and are these temps normal for such an overclock? I thought otherwise because most of my friends have way lower temperatures when overclocked, and I either assumed that I have a bad heatsink (concave/convex copper plate), or that I applied the thermal grease wrong. I went with the cheaper solution, and reseated the cpu and heatsink.

Does anyone have any insight on this?
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  1. if your heatsink is concave & cpu is convex, you'll probably be ok, if both are concave or convex it could be worth lapping them.
    as regards temps, im not to sure as i've got Q6600
  2. double post
  3. Does anyone else have similar temperatures as I do with the e4400? I know I'm not the only person who overclocked it to 3.0ghz or higher.
  4. what is your fan speed on idle and load?
    if you open side case, does it make difference in temperature?
  5. Sorry for not replying sooner, but whenever I take my side case off, there's very little difference, only like 1C.

    Although, I have now noticed after further investigation (lol, I sound like a cop) that my CPU after reseating hasn't hit over 63C yet, whereas before it went to 65-66C. I'm still believing that it's the heatsink's problem, however. I may look into lapping it this summer if I have the time. I've heard that the Scythe Infinity is a pretty darned good cooler; I may have just gotten one with a bad copper block.
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