Couple Questions on new build!!!!

K well here is what im thinking.....



The thing about this gigabyte mother board is that i had one previoulsy and it was doing the 3 second reboot thing, and being that im not a computer expert, i do not want to run into thisd problem again..... And from what im reading, this is a very common issue. Please give me some suggestions on some other good boards..... Thank you very much.






Does this video card suck? I was told this was a pretty decent card for the average gamer who is playing FPS games like CS:Source and things...?

Please lemme know what ya think about my video card choice.

Im going to be using windows XP for the OS.

Please leave me anything you think would be helpful, im totally new to this and could use as much help here as possible. Dont want to get another Gigabyte mother board and have to dismantle my whole computer again.... I thought i did something wrong with the comp come to find out MANY people have the same issue with these gigabyte boards.

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  1. CPU-RAM-MOTHERBOARD are fine , the GPU is good too , but how much do u want to pay for GPU ?
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