Intel DP35DP主板其南桥&#26

网上找了半天,发现有的网站说他是9R,有的说是9,而Intel官方的PDF上也没有标示出其是不是9R。还有知道的?还有Intel DP35DP上没有提供软驱接口,那在安装Windows2003时,怎么安装RAID驱动??
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  1. Exactly what i expected to see...
  2. Intel DP35DP 's south bridge is ICH9 or ICH9R ? and this Motherboard how to installed RAID without FDD?
  3. ICH9R, is with the RAID controller. Drivers are on the supplied CD-ROM.
    How to install raid without FDD?, create a bootable Windows CD with the drivers built in. You can do that with either RyanVM or nLite or Vlite, depends what version of windows you got.
  4. nlite is ok.. step by step ... makes it easy
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