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Until 48 hours ago my Thinkpad was connecting fine ... and then it stopped, never to return! Can't find any network connections in the control panel and widows doesn't appear to have any record of the wireless card (which is installed and apparently running OK) being pressnt at all ... where has the 'connection' gone? Please ...
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  1. Is the wireless adapter detected by Device Manager ?
  2. Quote:
    Is the wireless adapter detected by Device Manager ?

    Good question! I can find it in the list of installed components but the radio association (when trying to connect) doesn't seem to work. I've managed to connect using an external (SpeedTouch) device but that's the only thing that comes up in the Windows Network Connections box now. When I attach an ethernet cable to my router the ipconfig page is blank.
  3. I'm not clear on what device you used that worked (Speedtouch is a router brand isn't it ?). If the wireless adapter can connect to that router wirelessly or detect other wireless networks, the problem lies with your wireless router.

    Please clarify.
  4. The SpeedTouch is an external wireless adaptor, attached by me in order to get online any way I can (as even an ethernet connection doesn't register of work). The internal wireless card still doesn't seem to be responding (seems the radio association can't be switched on).
  5. If the internet connection stopped suddenly and you can't even connect with ethernet between computer and (presumably) the router is it possible your ISP is the problem ? If not them, the phone line or cable company -- or the router.

    Best bet is to take your laptop to a public wireless access point --like a cafe and see if you can pick up signal and (probably with help from staff) connect.

    Alternatively see if you can persuade a knowledgable friend to bring a laptop with both wireless and ethernet adapter to your place and see if they can connect.

    Troubleshooting is largely a matter of eliminating possibilities until all that remains proves to be the issue.
  6. Thank you for that. The router is working as I can connect via the USB wireless connector I have installed and everyone else in the house can connect through their own laptops (including one who has exactly the same model and make of laptop as I do). It would appear that it's my system that has 'crashed' or 'changed' in some way. The Device Manager tells me the 11a/b/g Wireless LAN PCI Card is there and is functioning, but I still can't associate the radio connection or find any networks, despite the router on and working for others (and me via the USB means).
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