My screen has flipped sideways. Can you please tell my how to fix it?

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  1. Hello Katherine : try the following procedure

    1) Your video card supports screen rotation, and it probably has
    a hot key set up to do it. You pressed the hot key by accident.

    Bring up the driver for your video card.....right click on the
    desktop, bring up the "Properties". Go to "Settings" tab, then
    click "Advanced". That will bring up the custom control panel
    for the video card. You will find the rotation settings somewhere.

    2) Press the "menu" button on your monitor, and see if you can fix it
    there, a very easy thing to do and fix.

    3) Press CTRL/ALT/right arrow one after the other (not simultaneously) and it will switch the direction of your screen.

    best of luck
    cheers de G...
  2. Hmm, the way I do it is by right clicking on the desktop, and on the drop down, selecting >graphics options > rotation.
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