Is my graphics card broken ?

Hi guyz, today when I started WoW, there were some artifacts all over the screen, so I left WoW and tried an another game, samething. I then shutdown my computer for 5min and tried again, everything was fine but I didnt play very long. Im wondering if there would be a diagnostic program like the one we can find for hard drives to test the reliability of my graphics card. Im worried it might be broken. Its a 7800gtx by the way. Thanks.
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  1. sounds like it's overheating, turn it on with the case open and check all the fans are working. check that the airflow hasn't become disrupted (vent fans clogged with dust).

    Download speedfan and see what the temp is (then run a windows D3D program with it on and see if there's a quick, extreme temp rise)

    I've killed a graphics card from a fan failing
  2. The fan is working alright, I just checked it. Other than that all my case fans are clean, Im thinking maybe the last 2 years running 24/7 didnt help it. I just hope it can hold until january, Im planning a major update by then.
  3. i used rivatuner to unlock the 4 pipes and 1 shader that are locked on the 7900gs.
    within a couple months i was seeing both vertex and texture artifacts in games.
    eventualy, i started seeing off color pixels in the POST and in the startup screen of windows.
    you might try pulling your heatsink and putting some arctic silver instead of the factory goo. that will help keep the temps cooler on average.
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