Random Blue Screen Error

Hello All,

I have the following system.

MSI KT4AV-L motherboard
FX 5500 Video Card
2 GB of PC2700
AMD Athlon 2800+

I used to run 1 GB of PC2100, and now I just upgraded to the 2 GB of PC2700. If I only have 1 stick of 1 GB RAM in the system and I run the Burn-In Test from Sisoft 2005, it will work just fine. If I put both of them in and run the same test, it will randomly give me a Blue Screen. The error could be


If I run games and stuff, the system work fine. Does any one have any idea why?

The 2 GB are identical. I purchase them at the same time.

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  1. Maybe something incompatible between the VIA chipset and the version of Sandra you're using. If you're really worried about it, test the ram with Memtest86.
  2. paq7512 said:

    This wont do anything its only virtual memory settings...


    Is generally a driver issue, or RAM. Do a memtest as suggested to count out RAM may even look at make sure the ram is running at correct speed timing and voltage. Driver issue resolve would be try updating all drivers, if that doesnt work then a make sure you have a fresh install of XP and updated drivers.
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