If I get a 8800 GTX or GTS,.......

I have a E6300 gaming system with a Saphire x1900xtx. I was thinking of going to Penryn later (not buying one when they initially come out but Im waiting). I might get a Quadcore 6600 or 6700 to wait it out also. Anyway, would I have to ditch my Viewsonic 19" VX922 monitor if I get a NVidia 8800GTS or GTX?
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  1. I mean I'm no genius at monitors but I think that a GTX would run fine with that.
  2. I'm no monitor guru either but usually I follow the phylosophy of changing my monitor only when it dies, I think you should do fine with that monitor, and to use the most of your new GPU just turn all settings to max in every game you own and you're set to a nice visual treat.
  3. Yea I agree with SirCrono. A 19" monitor will do you well unless you want to buy a DisplayPort LCD... I don't see DisplayPort monitors becoming cheap until Q3 of 2008
  4. Id go for the 8800gt. The outperform the 8800gts and are currently cheaper. personally id get the evaga version it comes with a free copy of quake wars.
  5. 8800GTX>8800GT>8800GTS
  6. 8800gt in SLi is your answer

    regarding the price is the GTX and ULTRA even plausible anymore?
  7. nah it's fine with the gts
  8. The 8800 GT is a great bang for the buck.
  9. Why would you need to ditch your 19"?? It's a perfectly working monitor. The 8800 series all have Dual Link DVI connectors and will work fine with most any LCD and CRT monitors, let alone TVs and such.

    The only thing I see is that an 8800GTX might laugh at a puny 19" LCD. My buddy runs a GTS to a 24" wide LCD and it powers it just fine.
  10. Thanx everyone :) I heard my 19" would choke but yeah I love my monitor. Plus Ive onyl had it for 10 months. Soooooo much better than my 17" CRT.

    I read the article on the 8800GT...sounds like its a lovely card! Is the 800GT a step up from my x1900xtx?

    Would it be worth it to get a 8800GT? SLI mode?
  11. Yes the 8800GT is def. a huge step up from your 1900xtx card. It would def be worth getting right now. As many have said it outperforms the 8800GTS card and runs down the 8800GTX in some benchies. So for the money it is a steal IMO..... SLI would be pointless IMO at your resolution. You are gaming at 1280x1024 at that res. one card would do you more then fine. Only reason I ever recommend people do SLI is if they are running larger screens such as 24" like myself. SLI def does show some advantages at 1920x1200. And your monitor will be perfectly fine that is one thing I can say that is you really never have to worry about any compatibility issue with an LCD.
  12. I'm seriously watching the GT when it comes out (checked newegg). Does it matter that the GT runs at 256-bit? I thought 512-bit makes a huge difference and is the way to go.
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