Sandra and Large Memory Pages

Hi everyone.

I've been having this problem with sandra. I keep getting this warning:
Warning W5010 : Cannot use large page memory pages due to lack of privileges.

Fix: Use the Local Security Policy to give yourself lock memory pages privilege.

Large memory pages greatly improve performance when large memory blocks are allocated.

Now I'm running Windows 7 HP (x64), so i can't access gpedit.msc

I looked around a lot, and this is what i found:
User rights assignments are not registry keys, but there is a utility in the Windows 2003 Resource kit that can set Windows privileges, including Lock Pages in memory, and it works on Windows 7 too. The resource kit is a collection of tools available at:

You only need the program called ntrights.exe, which I'll attach to this post.

Example of turning on the privilege you need (my windows userid is "nick")

C:\Users\nick>ntrights -u nick +r SeLockMemoryPrivilege
Granting SeLockMemoryPrivilege to nick ... successful

If you ever want to turn it off:

C:\Users\nick>ntrights -u nick -r SeLockMemoryPrivilege
Revoking SeLockMemoryPrivilege from nick ... successful

These commands were carried out with UAC off, so you may need that or an elevated command prompt.

Read the full thread here:

Now i've done this, it works successively, in the sense that it grants the privilege. But Sandra still shows me that message. I also gave myself full control and changed ownership, so i don't know whats going on. I'm running an admin account with UAC off, plus i'm running sandra as administrator explicitly just in case.

Still shows me the same results.

Any ideas?

Thanks :hello:
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  1. Ok so i talked to SiSoftware's support, they're saying that since they're unfamiliar with the method they can't really help me. And it's also an unofficial method

    If someone, by chance, has any idea of what could help, do tell me.
  2. This may help if you can get to the Group Policy editor (gpedit.msc).
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