WPA/WPA2 Compatability?

I am building a new computer and am looking at different pci slot wireless adapters. I plan to get a new router too since I have to power cycle my old wrt54g several times a week just to keep it alive.

The EDIMAX EW-7128G wireless adapter got solid reviews on newegg and is dirt cheap. It is listed as working with WPA.

The wrt5gl I have read is a good replacement for the wrt54g, a more reliable choice. It is listed as a WPA2 device.

Are WPA2 devices backwards compatible, I mean able to set up a WPA security connection? Or will I have issues getting these two parts to talk? Ty.
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  1. If a device can do WPA2 it will be able to do WPA2. The big difference between WPA and WPA2 is the encryption. WPA used RC4 TKIP and WPA2 use CCMP AES
  2. Did you mean if a device can do WPA2 it can do WPA? Or did you mean if a device can do WPA2 it can only do WPA2?
  3. sorry, mistype --- yes is a device can do WPA2 AES it can do WPA TKIP ...
  4. Cool. Thx much! :)
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