HD gone? (Bios detects it)

Hello everyone, i have a problem with one of my hard drivers.
When i boot the computer, it takes a lot of time at post screen and then it reboots, after that and waiting again at post screen computer finally loads windows but once loaded i cant see that hard driver (but it's correctly detected at BIOS).

Is there anything i can do to recover data? I tried to switch the HD to another computer with Vista and it never loads Vista, just after the loading bar i get a nice black screen and the hard disk light activity turns off
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  1. With dying hard drives I have had luck with sata and ide to usb adaptors to recover the data. Sometimes while transfering stuff over the drives would lock up but I would restart and try again and try transfering smaller chunks at a time. At times there were just some files I could not transfer over but I saved as much as I could.

    take a look at the ones below both have worked well for me in the past.


  2. Thanks m3d, i think thats the last thing i could try!

    Will try to find one of those adaptors here where i live (cant order from newegg :()
  3. It is probable that your hard drive is in the early to mid stages of failure. It could simply be a messed up MFT that is slowing the system down and preventing you from seeing the drive in Windows. However, usually Windows wants to run a chkdsk during the boot process in this situation.

    So, I would hazzard to guess that your hard drive may have damaged sectors and possibly a corrupted System Area. If that is the case, you are most likely going to need a professional data recovery company to help you out.

    My suggestion is that if the data on the drive has any value, get a free assessment from a data recovery lab. If their price is too high or they say the data is unrecoverable, try it yourself.

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks for your answer aswell rforce!
    HDD Regenerator is what i tried and its taking forever, i stopped at 3008 Mb and found there bad sectors that passes them really really slow! (500 Gb drive!).

    Ive seen other ppl had the same problem i have, but they could save their data, what i was trying to do is access the drive and try to copy some data.
    I tried to mount the hard drive linux but i got I/O errors so no luck there

    Will try the SATA to USB adapter and see :(
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