Is there a way to find out what status sata is in?

Is there a way to know what status satus is in?

I want to know if I'm running 1.5gb/s or 3gb/s.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. hmm i would have figured that it automatically goes to the fastest possible by both mobo and hd.
  2. read your hd manual, it will tell you if it has a jumper or not for sata 150 or if it doesen't.
  3. Jumper= SATA150
    No Jumper = SATA300
  4. it has no jumper
    I have not installed the hdd yet
    but from what I have read about it is that sometimes it can revert to sata150 and you have to download some utility to make it sata300

    hdd: 1TB Samsung
  5. If you have a nforce board then you can look in the Device Manager

  6. that's what my current hdd test says

    I'm not to sure if that shows sata300 or 150

    any ideas?
  7. that is sata 300, gen 1 is 150
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