Intel Q6600
2GB G.Skill DDR2 800 4-4-3-5
Sparkle 8800GTX
Antec NEOHE 550watt nominal PSU (700watt max power)


Thanks guys.
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  1. What OS?

    I would wait on the graphics card until mid-November if you can wait that long.

    I would also get an Evga card due to their 90 day step-up program.

    I would get a better PSU

    Only 10.00 more

    More expensive, but 550 might be slightly on the low side for your system, and might also inhibit future upgrades.

    You might want to ask other about the PSU's, but I find Seasonic's to be superior to anything in Tier 2.
  2. What games do you play? In case somebody wonders, he may play 2d board games or full-blown 3d crysis.

    Are you going to overclock?
  3. Why the SLI motherboard, are you planning to add a second 8800 GTX later?

    - If yes, the PSU is wrong, get a PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W Crossfire instead. I'd also trust the eVGA 680A1 motherboard more.

    - If not, I'd get a P35 motherboard, like GA-P35-DS3R or aBit IP35Pro.

    Why Sparkle, of all companies that make 8800 GTX? I don't know about their standard 8800 GTX, but their Calibre 8800 GTX is better avoided IMO. You're probably better off with eVGA, BFG or XFX.

    Have you picked a case already? Just in case you didn't know - the 8800 GTX is BIG, it will refuse to fit in some mid-tower cases.
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