Map different audio sources to different speaker channels

Is there a way, or a program, that can map different audio sources on my computer to different channels on my audio card? For instance, let's say that I want to use my front speaker jack for game play and rear speaker jack for VOIP. Is there a possible way to do this?

Sorry if I've posted in the wrong section...

EDIT: Another idea would be the possibility to split speaker channels into separate "audio devices"
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  1. This would only be possible if a program was able to use anything other than the default sound device, and most are not coded as such. Otherwise you'd need a program that can trap the output from different programs and redirect it, which would be difficult to do on a protected mode operating system.
  2. It's not possible, because both front PC panel and back of it is connected to the same sound card.

    To do what you describe, you'd need an addon card. Those aren't very expensive:
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