motherboard can break because of high watt of psu??

i asked someone about the changine psu in my computer. i have 300w and want to change at least 450w
but he said that if you buy psus like 500w or more , it can break the mobo. i never heard of that before. in same system just different powersupply can break mobo?? because it just can handle more watt??
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  1. Simple answer: no.
  2. He's smokin crack. The only way that might have any credibility is if you were to replace a "good" quality 300w with a "bad" quality higher watt unit. Some of the unknown brands of PS were known not to be able to even meet their rated spec. Good brands are usually slightly underrated for reliability reasons.

    Buy a good quality high watt PS and you won't have any problems. I would suggest getting an 80+ certified PS. They will lower your real power consumption, as well as run cooler and quieter.
  3. A power supply will not deliver more then your system needs. so if your system takes 250 watts of DC(so not at the plug) your new power supply(even if its 1000 watts) will only give 250 watts(DC).

    So if you see a good(good name brand one) psu for sale and its high powered.....don't hesitate to buy it. This way your are set for future upgrades....

    as said above go for 80+ to save a bit of power(if you want max power savings.....get about 1.8x-2x what you need(on the DC side)..then you will get max power efficiency)....
  4. That guy either took too much medication or not enough.

    Anywaste, that guy is completely wrong.
  5. yes hes totaly wrong,

    what ever you do dont let him do any electrical work for you, or any one else for that matter

    its amazing some of the faulse info some people come out with
  6. No, it CAN break from a CHEAP psu.

    Read reviews online to see if it is good too. Some Antecs really suck and people (even experienced people) get screwed sometimes by a name brand. *Cough*

    If you have to pick a brand "blind", Seasonic, or if you are rich or plan on keeping the thing FOREVER, Zippy.
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