Where did the GT's go?

I see that they are no longer on newegg! That IS the only company I buy computer products from. They deactivated 3 of the gt's and put another 2 out of stock. I'm am not sure, but I hope they don't think...

"Gee, we are selling a lot more of these GTs than expected, lets jack up the price...lol"

That is a scenario of what may happen, but really where did they go? Is every online store of of stock already?
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  1. Yeah theyre sellin quick after all of the great reviews...
  2. i bought one from newegg today
  3. They're simply selling out quickly (and will probably get a price adjustment to match current demand). Might as well wait and see what happens after the early adopters taper off.
  4. Happens every single time a hot new card is released, and then the prices are jacked up. They will be available again next week, probably at msrp.
  5. Eh, the egg isn't perfect, but I hope this card does not become an Q6600, where it stays above MSRP for months and months.
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