New system won't power up

I finished a new system build 2 mo's ago:

Athlon AM2 4200
2 gig RAM Crucial
DFI Ultra II M2 Mobo
EVGA e-GeForce 7300GS graphics

After working fine for about two months the system now won't power up. The lights on the mobo are showing as powering up, and when hitting the power button the fans on the mobo chipset, CPU heatsink and graphics card move just a tad and nothing happens further.

I reseated everything in its slot, moved the memory sticks around just to see if there'll be any difference.

I also reseated the CPU.

The strange thing is that the system didn't exhibit any instability or problems, just one day decided not ot power up.

So far I've tried with another power supply, but again - no power.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Since you say the problem persists after trying a known good PSU then i would have to say that the motherboard has failed
  2. they've RMAed the mobo, thanks
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