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Anyone know of a good free pc monitor program? I just want to see the other computers screen, nothing else, dont need to take control or do anything special, just share screens. I dont want something that will lag either computers... Team viewer lags on both ends.. ive tried a few of them.. pc monitor,, etc.. anyone know of any others/ I just want something that runs in the background of the one computer I monitor.
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  1. This depends on whether the computer you're monitoring is on the same network, or if you're trying to do it over the internet.
  2. Does it have to be something that captures the screen activities in real time? By this, I mean you want it to be like Team Viewer? Or, would it be something that captures screenshots for a certain interval (e.g. every 3 minutes)?

    If you are talking about the latter, then I would recommend Time Doctor. That is the employee monitoring software we use at work. Not only does it accurately track our work hours and computer activities, it increases our productivity by providing us with a detailed analytics of our workday.

    Here is a video of how it works:
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