One computer on network no longer connects to the internet.

I got a problem that just started this morning. My home computer no longer seems to connect to the internet. I have 2 other computers in the house (just basically for the rest of my family to surf the net and do work.) they connect just fine. Im running a D-Link wireless router and it seems to be working fine as well. One of the 2 computers is wirelessly connected and the other is attached direcly to the wireless router. I have tried connecting my computer to the hub directly, still doesnt work i keep getting a time out error, it gets a reply from the website but it times out on connecting to. I have called comcast and they said there were no outages, but they were doing maintainance, but my question is why would only 1 of my 3 computers that all connect through the same router be affected by this? I have tried doing a spybot scan (clean) CC cleaner, Chkdsk /f, system restore to yesterday morning's setting, defrag. Nothing seems to work. Im running out of ideas on how to fix this.
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  1. spybot & adaware WERE good back then. They're pretty useless against more sophisticated malware. Google cureit from dr. web, run a quick scan and a full scan after. It is better to do that in safe mode. Tap F8 at boot.

    Google "easy cleaner" and clean the registry in normal mode.

    If it comes up clean, install a good antivirus like AVG and turn on windows firewall.

    Disable or remove the dlink wireless utility that stays in the lower-right corner. Use Windows zero wireless. It's on by default. There's a wireless icon in lower-right corner. If not, start, run, enter "services.msc" w/o quotes, enable

    WLAN AutoConfig for Vista
    Wireless Zero Configuration for XP

    Restart pc. Set up wireless. Double-click your router and enter any password for wifi encryption.
  2. I got a problem kinda like that but with wired network and through ICS. Basically the computer i'm currently using wouldn't connect to the internet. I did a system restore before a new windows update and it works fine! Turned automatic updates off now so it doesn't happen again, but if its been so recent it might be a similar problem. Try a system restore to before the problem if you haven't already solved it :)
  3. Eagle: I found ICS flaky -- better to get a router.
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