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I have a fairly large collection of both digital pics and video. I have 2 grand kids now and have taken a thousand pics and videos, however a lot of them have an incorrect date associated, which I guess has something to do with setting the date on the camera, anways when I right click and go to properties to look at when it was taken the date is wrong.

How do I change this, how do I work with this?
Is there a progam that can help put these in chronological order?

I loaded a bunch of pics onto my PS3 and a free program called Playmemories automatically set them up according to year/month/day/time which was very nice. I guess it was reading the meta-data. Is the meta data the same as the info provided by Windows: right click Properties/Date created?

Help! A million pics, and a hundred questions!
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  1. You need to change them manually. No software can know when you actually took the picture if the meta data in the photo is wrong.

    The date created is not what you want, that is when it was copied to the computer.

    I use Picasa from Google for photo management, it should give you the option to change the date on the photo.
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