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I have recently downloaded Internet Explorer 9 in which "HP SmartPrinting" window has disappeared and can not set again enabling me to use the functions.

How I succeed the install this add-on. ( I have allready tried through "Tools" button by reaching Manage add-On section in which the related add-on seems "enabled"

I will appreciate if you may help me on this matter.

Thanks and regards
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  1. HP have replaced HP Smart Web Printing with the HP Bing Bar with Smart Print. First, Uninstall Smart Web Printing from Control Panel and then install the HP Bing Bar (uninstall the HP Yahoo! Toolbar first, also uninstall any other Bing toolbars). All features except the HP Smart Print feature are compatible with IE9, but you should contact HP about this. Also see these threads on the HP forum:

  2. it will be compatible by summer!
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