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Hi i am currently doing research on The use of online stores and buying of products online. As i am from South-Africa the world of online shopping is very dangerous idea since most people dont really have access to the internet. Which is why i want to know if you are ok with buying products online and whether it can be impoved. Any comment will be very help full.Thanks
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  1. I order online. I think it's safe as long as you are dealing with a reputable vendor and their security certificate is up to date and valid. Of course, you may run into a man in the middle attacks or something like that, but that's why most credit card companies will work with you to remove fraudulent charges. Besides, you don't need to shop online to be a victim of identity theft. Look at all the companies (besides retailers) who's databases have been hacked revealing customers social security numbers or other identifying information. You could just as easily use a credit card at a gas station and without you knowing, a skimmer could have been attached to the card reader.

    Anyhow, visit reputable sites, read the fine print, and keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious.
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