Need a OC Hard Drive!

hi, i need a good hard drive that, preety much fast and over clockable
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  1. You can't OC a HDD. You could try firmware mods but that's pretty much all you can do to a HDD. If lokking for a blazing fast HDD look at the Seagate 15k RPM drives or the new VelociRaptor.
  2. el Greenie said:
    hi, i need a good hard drive that, preety much fast and over clockable

    As far as I know you can not overclock hard disk
  3. That is hilarious! Yes, overclock the HDD from 7200 to 10k, just like the Raptors, only cheaper! Don't waste your money on that stock 10k, just take out the ground wire from your molex connector and add an additional 12v! Should get you to 10k, easy!
  4. bleh, dident mean overclocking, meant a disk drive thats FAST XD

    right now im lookin at

    has some nice reviews
  5. Most 7200rpm drives perform about the same... 10k drives are a bit faster, particularly the new WD velociraptor. SSD's are the fastest, but very pricey. Go to and pick your workload for a good comparison. Synthetic benchmarks like hdtach do not tell a realistic story.
  6. Yeah I want to overclock my monitor, can I do that too? haha Or wait how about my DVD drive? I want to overclock my cpu hsf as well, is that possible?

    Call me crazy but when I first read that subject line that is actually what I was thinking haha.

    Too bad none of those are possible. But yeah, interesting concept or idea.
  7. If speed is of utmost importance, go for a 10K RPM WD Raptor/VelociRaptor. Otherwise, if you're interested in the 500GB-750GB range (like the one you linked to above), then you've already pointed out a good choice. is also a good choice (might even be a touch faster than the WD).
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