Avoiding Windows 8 on new acer desktop

i recently purchased an acer AG3620-UR308.. it was a great deal and comes preloaded with windows 8.. that's the trouble, i dislike windows 8.. i'm currently running windows vista home premium x32.. i figured i could install windows vista home premium x64 on this new computer.. i purchased the operating system install setup from soft-field.com for 70$.. first of all, does anyone know if this is reliable.. second, windows 8 has halted any attempts of mine to clean install another operating system.. i've received winload.efi 0xc0000428 error and old version/incompatibility messages at every turn.. I've already posted this on microsoft community and have had little help..


Is there any way to make this a windows vista computer, I'm rather upset over all this and any information would be appreciated....
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  1. Can you even find Vista drivers for all the hardware?
  2. You'll have to get the install files onto a disk/USB, then do a boot from that. You can't load windows from windows. Just wipe the hdd and install.

    Never heard of or used soft-field. Can't comment on that.
  3. And with that computer meant for Windows 8 you may find that it will not even work correctly. Windows 8 is great if you give it 5 minutes to learn how to use it you will not want to downgrade and degrade your OS.
  4. there a few options...use stardock windows 7 toolbar for windowes 8 if you want windows 7 look in windows 8. it 5.00 for the software. there a 30 day free trial. if you want windows 7 you need to use a hirem boot cd and do a fdisk/mbr to remove windows 8 off the master boot record of the hard drive and then do an fdisk and delete all the partions. word of warning..a lot of the newer intel z77 chipset are made for windows 7 and 8. a lot of there features dont work under the older os.
  5. Windows Vista is Windows v6.0. Windows 7 is Windows v6.1. Windows 8 is Windows v6.2. Don't they all use the same driver model? Since when do drivers change when the OS goes to a point upgrade? Perhaps I'm just ignorant; if so, I would appreciate it if someone would enlighten me.
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