open drive from my computer issue


since some viruses attacked my colleague pc she can't access her hard drive from 'my computer' anymore. (my computer --> 2x click H : / ....)

but she can access it through drop down address bar (eg. H : / ....).

whenever she 2x click H : / .... from 'my computer', the "open with..." dialog comes out.

how to correct this problem?

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  1. Check in "My Computer" -> "Tools" -> "Folder Options" and see if Single Click has been enabled, if it is re-enable Double Click; if not post back with the version of Windows and the name of the Virus found.
  2. winxp pro sp2

    it is portable hdd

    i used antivir to scan and it detected:

    1 and 3 tomskype.exe

    i got it removed but the problem is not solve
  3. never mind.

    i got it solved already.

    thanks anyway.
  4. Try to download and run the "Drive.reg" file from here.
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