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Hello, my Vista is "corrupted" (after 15 hours - yes 15 hours of working with MS support) and a recovery disk was not offered with purchase of the computer. I want to upgrade to Windows 7 - which I have already purchased - but can't because Vista will not upgrade to SP1, so I can upgrade to SP2, so I can upgrade to W7. Whew! Please help!!! I have my serial number.
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  1. Unfortunately that Vista is corrupted you won't be able to install windows 7 the normal method.

    First step is to completely delete the partition that is currently installed when you are in the Windows 7 install menu. Make a new partition and format it then continue the install as a "New" installation. This will be the same as a new computer so dont' expect it to have any drivers or anything hardly.

    As for drivers go you will need to get on a computer and download the drivers from the parts manufactor that made the computer and make sure it's the correct model number. examples of needed is Lan and Wireless drivers *if laptop* chipset drivers, audio, and any other componets that you have such as card readers.

    This method takes a while so be prepaired to spending a day reconfiguring it back.
  2. Here is the answer to your issue!Upgrade media does full installs.

    enjoy 7!
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Here is the answer to your issue!Upgrade media does full installs.

    enjoy 7!

    >.> and here I thought we wasn't allowed to use sites that shows you how to registery hack the OS to use invald keys to fake activation....
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