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How does one change to the three icon menu on shutdown from the text tepe menu with dropdown list?
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  1. Greeting : here you go

    Windows XP: Modifying shutdown image or text in XP?

    How to Change Start Menu Shutdown Button?

    How to Change Start Menu Shutdown Button Video –

    Windows Startup / Shutdown Tips, Tricks and Tweaks

    best of luck.
  2. I must be missing something - I see a reply to the question.

    At shutdown one of three 'menus' appears - one display is named "Turn off Computer" and contains three icons named 'Standby' 'Turn Off" Restart'

    Another 'menu' display is named "Shut Down Windows" and has a title bar with a drop down list wherein one selects the intended shutdown or restart etc..

    A Third 'Menu' is similar but the selections are listed and one highlights the intended method of shut down.

    My question relates to how to "make that selection" in Windows XP choosing the "display" menu to appear.

    I want the first described menu but suddenly have the second one and I don't know why it changed.
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