Component-style HTPC case for best quiet system?

I am interested in building an HTPC for my living room, to go in my media cabinet. I would like it to have the following:

Fast processor (quad-core if possible)
Two HDTV tuners
Two Raptors in RAID 0 for system, two 1TB drives (also in RAID 0) for media (possibly external via eSATA)

Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11n

High end video card or cards

Now I know that there is an issue with what can fit into a horizontal-style case a la the ZALMAN HD160XT-B or similar.
I know there is also an issue with heat in such a system as high-end components and small spaces pose cooling problems.
If one uses air cooling there may also be an issue with noise from the fans.

So, I would like to find a case that
(a) can fit these components, most relevantly a high end video card or 2, as apparently some cases can't fit them in
(b) can either be air-cooled with acceptable fan noise or can fit a water cooling system,
(c) looks nice

Might anybody have suggestions as to which cases will fit the bill?

Much thanks in advance,
Jerry Paulson
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  1. I'm looking at the SILVERSTONE Crown Series CW02B-MXR for my next HTPC:

    It is a nice tall case which can easily fit the Scythe Ninja HSF, maybe even the Scythe Infinity or similar size HSF.

    There's even "holes" for a watercooling solution in the back.

    It can fit up to 6 drives and a 92mm fan can be mounted under each drive cage.

    It's the only HTPC case that I could find which has a 120mm rear fan.
  2. This one by Lian Li looks pretty good, looks similar to any piece of home theater equipment.

    Pretty sure it's large enough for your components. It already has 2 120mm fans and 2 80mm fans.
  3. Not bad. Too bad it can't support 6 drives.
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