Better to have faster RAM or more RAM?

I have 4 x 2GB of 800Mhz Patriot RAM. I believe the timing is 5-5-5-12. It's fairly new, only a couple months, but it's already starting to have problems. I think there is at least one bad stick. Although I could just return that one, I would rather return all of them at once than wait and see if another goes bad. My question is, for the replacement RAM, would it be better/faster to have 8GB of RAM (which I know is overkill) or 4GB of the fastest RAM my board can handle? I don't work with huge files or am an extreme gamer, and I can already hear the shouts that 4GB is already way too much (I'm running XP Pro). Theoretically, however, which would you say is faster?
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  1. XP Pro 32 bit edition only recognizes 3.3GB of RAM. 1GB RAM vs 3 GB RAM=big difference. PC800 vs PC1333=little performance difference
  2. How do you know you have one stick dead?

    With 4xdimms installed you may have to bump voltage a bit to run stable. Try seperate sticks and run Memtest86+ to see if you get some errors.
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