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After a near-disastrous loss of data (Win7 auto-restarted my machine with an open word document which had been named already and saved, but the changes had not been - as it turned out it was caught by auto-save)...

I'm still very surprised that this really primitive model for saving created work (from the '80s, with some enhancements, basically) is still in effect...

My question then, to improve the saving of documents - is can I force Word (Office products more generally) to PROMPT ME to name a file as soon as I create a new one? I know it's psychological (human error) but I tend to avoid saving a document properly for awhile until I realize what I want to name the file...

I feel that if I was forced to name the file at inception, I would have a more organized directory (not Document17, etc.)

And yes, I have auto-save to execute every minute, the minimum window I believe.
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  1. How about retraining yourself to create the file FIRST with the right-click -> new -> Word Document, name the file, and THEN double click on the new file to open it?

    I have done this for years, and it helps!
  2. Ok I'll try it!
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