going above the local resolution?

i have a 22" LCD at max res of 1680x1050, and i heard that its possible to make monitors display at higher resolution than the local maximum, by somehow 'squeezing' the pixels or something. i'm not really sure.

what i wanted to know, is if its worth it to try and make my res higher? do i even need to bother? the quality of the image looks spectacular right now as it is, but will it be higher if i increase my resolution? will it damage the monitor if i try to do that?
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  1. Nope. Native resolution is the max it will go.

    You may be talking about something like a "virtual high resolution setting" where the graphics card will "create" something like a 1920 x 1200 "virtual desktop". However, only 1680 x 1050 will be displayed on the screen at a time. You move your mouse to the edge of the screen to scroll to the desktop section that is "off screen".
  2. you wont damage your monitor if you try... it simply will not work.
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